Marine shipping specialist guards precious cargo with Sony network cameras

The Dominican Republic’s leading provider of ocean-going freight and logistics services has installed more than 90 Sony IP network cameras to keep a watchful eye over people and property.

Major freight provider is committed to quality

Shipping agency Marítima Dominicana SAS is one of the Caribbean region’s biggest providers of ocean transportation, warehousing and cargo handling services.

Headquartered in the Dominican Republic’s capital Santo Domingo, the company is committed to meet its customer needs by continually improving the efficiency of its freight services. Like any busy logistics provider, Marítima Dominicana faced a wide range operational challenges. These included reduction of theft from warehouses and loading bays, efficient management of trucks entering the terminal, and day-to-day-safety of visitors and staff.

The company’s previous analogue CCTV monitoring system was well past its prime, suffering from poor image quality as well as steadily rising maintenance costs.

To address these problems – and to boost overall operational efficiency – the forward-looking logistics specialist turned to Sony for an improved Video Security and surveillance solution.

Protecting every area, day and night

In total, 92 Sony IP network cameras have been installed across Marítima Dominicana’s warehouses and cold storage facilities, as well as in offices and other areas around the terminal.Cameras like the SNC-XM632 minidome keep a watchful eye inside warehousing and other key areas. Its wide-angle lens and high-resolution Exmor™ CMOS sensor are teamed with powerful signal processing to grab detail-packed Full HD video footage, even in challenging low-light conditions or with harsh backlighting by open doorways.Outside areas are protected by the vandal-resistant SNC-WR632 rapid dome PTZ camera that’s optimised for reliable operation in all weathers.Security personnel monitor camera images around the clock in a central control room at the main Terminal is located in Santo Domingo, where up to 28 days of video footage is also recorded to a central server. All network cameras are under the control of Sony’s RealShot Manager that offers an intuitive Windows-based interface for managing camera and recording functions.

More dependable pictures in any light

Marítima Dominicana has been delighted by the switch to Sony, highlighting the network cameras’ image quality – even at night or in extreme low light – with features like XDNR and Visibility Enhancer enhancing crisp HD image quality in all conditions. The shipping operator also praises the cameras’ superior stability and reliability compared with their analogue predecessors.

Since installing the cameras, Marítima Dominicana has benefited from an immediate reduction in casual theft of property from warehouses and other areas. What’s more, capturing reliable video evidence has proved valuable in avoiding lawsuits due to accidents occurring on site.

Additional information

Product list Systems integrator Application provider
SNC-CX600: 16 units
SNC-CH160: 10 units
SNC-CH180: 1 unit
SNC-DH110T: 6 units
SNC-DH180: 4 units
SNC-EB632R: 9 units
SNC-EM602RC 4 units
SNC-ER550: 1 unit
SNC-HM662: 5 units
SNC-WR632C: 3 units
SNC-XM631: 3 units
SNC-XM632: 29 units
SNC-VB600: 1 unit
Sony RSM Advanced Maritima Dominicana, S.A.S.