Complete 4K solutions for Video Security

Success depends on getting the details right. And whether you’re a train operator, high-street retailer, factory owner or busy visitor attraction, a clear understanding of what’s happening is vital. Drawing on our unmatched expertise in professional video and advanced imaging, Sony offers complete 4K security solutions that deliver better pictures – and generous returns – on any budget.

In 2015, we introduced the first 4K IP network camera SNC-VM772R, bringing new levels of detail and intelligence to video surveillance environments. Providing four times the resolution of Full HD, 4K makes it easier to identify people, car licence plates or suspicious activity with greater accuracy. And as the growing Sony 4K camera family proves, it also brings extra clarity to non-security applications like inspecting objects on a factory production line.

Future-proofed monitoring, lower costs

The extra detail of 4K means that fewer cameras are needed to cover airports, shopping malls and other large sites – reducing hardware inventory, simplifying installation and cutting running costs. What’s more, just one camera can intelligently track several moving objects with high resolution without sacrificing overall situational awareness of the whole scene. It’s like having a PTZ camera for close-ups plus a wide-area fixed camera in the same box.

Inside our award-winning 4K cameras is a high-resolution Exmor R™ CMOS sensor that draws on decades of Sony innovation serving the needs of professional photographers and TV broadcasters. Its large size helps grabs light much more efficiently than the smaller sensor in conventional cameras. Coupled with our own high-quality lens technology and advanced digital image processing, this uniquely powerful combination of Sony core technologies translates into exceptional clarity and low light sensitivity.

In the case of the extraordinary SNC-VB770 that means the camera can capture crisply detailed, low-noise 4K colour video footage at a smooth 30 frames per second in conditions of near darkness at an unattended car park, railway tunnel or factory production line. With less illumination needed to see what’s happening, businesses can save on installing extra lighting and enjoy lower energy bills into the bargain.

Everything you need for a clear picture

Today, our advanced cameras are at the heart of a complete 4K video solution – letting you monitor and protect people, property and key assets with greater confidence and flexibility than ever before.

Even if you’re only running a small-scale network with a handful of cameras, no monitoring solution is complete without an effective way of recording, viewing and managing video streams from each camera.

Ideal for banks, retailers and small businesses, our HAW Series Network Video Recorder is a convenient ‘one box’ solution that’s a perfect match for our 4K cameras. Live camera pictures and recorded footage from multiple cameras can be viewed securely on a connected monitor, networked PC, tablet or smartphone. Naturally it fully supports our unique 4K camera features like Intelligent Cropping and Multi Tracking. The reliable, easy-to-use recorder is also available as a larger enterprise version for organisations running hundreds or thousands of cameras.

As a flexible alternative, SOW Series Network Video Management Software offers similar functions while letting system integrators choose their own preferred server hardware.

With Sony as your video monitoring partner, organisations of every size can leverage the power, flexibility and intelligence of our complete 4K solutions. You’ll enjoy bigger returns on any scale of investment, today and tomorrow.