Korean 119 Fire and Rescue


119 Fire and Rescue in Korea is part of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) and is responsible for nationwide integrated fire, ambulance and rescue assistance.

The organization is renowned globally for their efficiency and a number of countries periodically send their fire and rescue agency personnel to Korea to train with NEMA officers.

Four regional HQs under 119 Fire and Rescue wanted to further increase their operational efficiency. The command and control centers (CCC) and response vehicles belonging to these fire and rescue HQs were already equipped with advanced communication systems.

However, they desired to integrate IP video solutions with their core tasks so that by means of videos captured at the scenes to which they responded, they could better grasp the ground reality, there, and further improve their efforts.

In this way, wirelessly transmitted videos of the scene to the CCC personnel could provide them fuller situational awareness and if necessary dispatch further specialised staff, vehicles or equipment to the venue.

After thoroughly understanding the requirements of these four regional 119 fire and rescue HQs, Country Manager for KEDACOM Korea,Mr. Cheong H. W., recommended to them an end-to-end solution including a Mobile PTZ Camera, Mobile NVR for each vehicle while a VMS was installed at every designated monitoring CCC.


Owing to its mechanical structure and graphical user interface (GUI) control system, the Mobile PTZ Camera is highly maneuverable while the Mobile NVR supports 2 SIM cards concurrently for speedy data transfer and connects to the network by dynamically acquiring IP addresses resulting in seamlesss connectivity. Both the camera and NVR are designed for multipurpose use and enable capture of nonjittery videos in HD quality during movement.

The Mobile PTZ Cameras enable these four 119 fire and rescue HQs to view seamless, high quality videos in color during both day and night conditions.

The system also relies on the KEDACOM Wireless Transmission Protocol (KWTP) to transmit videos between vehicles and CCC even under harsh network conditions.

The VMS allows them to remotely monitor the exact location of, and live view videos from, each response vehicle while the same can be stored safely on the IP SAN.

This integrated, versatile solution has allowed the four 119 fire and Rescue regional HQs to acutely keep abreast of live events as experienced by field personnel and has helped to further enhance their operations.

As for KEDACOM, it is truly an honor and a privilege to work with 119 Fire and Rescue, Korea, and the company will provide them further assistance when required.