Video Wall Processor

Splicing Processor is a high-performance image processing platform, between video source and transmitter. It can support multiple video signals’ input, output and real-time processing, work in the core position of whole system. User can select different I/O card by inserting into different chassis. Options of chassis are 4U, 8U, 14U and 22U.

The product is equipped with high volume, high speed FPGA array and Crosspoint digital muilti-bus routing exchange technology, which guarantees all input signal that are processed in real-time and high data uniformity without delay, discretization or frame loss, which offers best-in-class image. In support of multiple screen control with different resolutions, separated display and multi-channel video input displayed anywhere in video wall, all windows can be moved, overlapped, zoomed in and out and PIP displayed freely.



Body Worn Camera

  • High Level Protection
    • IP67, adaptive to various environments
    • 2 meters drop protection
  • Excellent Video Transmission
    • KWTP protocol for 3G / 4G / Wi-Fi transmission, improves the video streamcontinuity under unstable network conditions
    • H.264 / H.265 video codec, saves up to 50% bandwidth and storage
  • High Quality Image
    • Night view with LED and IR
    • High definition and smooth picture, 1080p@30fps
    • Optional extendable camera types (button, badge, ear-hook)
  • High Performance
    • Qualcomm 8 core processor
    • Supports types of 3G / 4G network
  • Abundant Functions and Features
    • 2.2” touchscreen display
    • Various shortcut button
    • Supports location function by GPS, GLONASS
    • Supports external memory
    • Supports removable clip


Specification Document

Video Wall Processor Specification Document