USB Joystick Keyboard

Compatible control of all the functionality for GVD NVRs (M Series) and CMS Manager (E150 Series)


USB Joystick Keyboard The GVD K205 is a USB joystick keyboard for GVD CMS (E150 Series), and NVRs (M Series). The 3-axis joystick allows users to pan, tilt and zoom on a real-time basis. The universal monitor, view, and IP cameras selection gives users quicker, smoother, total control of every video operation: instant playback, snapshot, tour in the control room.


  • Control PTZ Dome Network Cameras

    The GVD K205 is a USB joystick keyboard, specifically designed for responsive and accurate control of all PTZ dome network cameras.

  • Powerful Joystick for PTZ Control

    It features a three-axis, durable joystick with X/Y-axis for positioning and turning knob to zoom.

  • 35 Function Keys

    35 function keys with all the functionality help security operators control all network cameras, NVRs, and CMS Manager.

  • LCD Display

    The LCD indicates the spot channel of cameras or NVRs, as well as providing more information about PTZ mode or NVR/CMS mode.

  • USB Interface

    The GVD K205 USB joystick controller is equipped with a USB cable and thus very easy to install.

  • Compatible GVD Products

    GVD CMS: E150
    GVD NVRs: M6024/ M6016/ M6012, M4006, M3004, M109, M95

Technical Specification

Joystick Performance 3 Axis, Control PTZ(Pan/Tilt/Zoom)
Push-buttons 35 Quick Function Buttons
USB port USB Female Type B Connector , Connected Directly to the Workstation/NVR
RS485 port RS485 Communication Link (RJ45 Jack)
Display 256×64 dots, LCD
Power Voltage 7~20 Vac/Vdc
Power Consumption 70mA / 12Vdc
Operation Temperature 20°C ~ 60°C (68°F ~ 140°F)
Operation Humidity >=90%
Dimensions 390(L)x145(W)x70(H)mm
Package Size 435(L)x190(W)x175(H)mm
Net Weight 0.75 Kg
Gross Weight 1.4 Kg


Specification Document

K205 Specification Document