ITS Solution

KEDACOM has been deeply involved in the transportation industry for 8 years. Rather, we have played a significant part in contributing to the construction of intelligent transportation in the major cities around the world with our advanced artificial intelligence technology, big data application and outstanding solutions. The distinctive solutions include traffic violation management, vehicle big data application, mobile law enforcement and intelligent transportation visualization. It was designed to fit around the practical work in the transportation department that can really help to solve all kinds of difficulties and pain points especially in road safety management.



ITS Solution

  • License Plate Recognition:99% day & night
  • Vehicle Type:95% (SUV, MPV, Truck...)
  • Car Logo:98%
  • Plate Color:99%
  • Vehicle Color:95% in day, 90% in night
  • Sunroof & Annual Tag:99%
  • Pendants:95%
  • Temporary Plate:99% for car head,95% for car tail
  • Tissue Box:85%
  • No Seat Belt:95% in day, 99% in night
  • Calling while Driving:88%


Specification Document

Body Worn SOlution Specification Document