Government & Smart City

The most important issue of a Smart City is to maintain public safety. Not only because life and happiness are the groundwork of the much affirmed concept of human rights in modern history, but also because safety will attract investment, business, and skilled labors required for the development and economic growth of a city. However, as the city ushers in economic growth, it also becomes the home of crimes.

Fiction Becomes Reality

The look of a future city has been pictured for so many times in some of the best literary and cinematic works of the 20th century. Whether an Utopia or a Dystopia, they all let us speculate which technological capabilities the future might hold. By the revolutions of technology and network of the last few decades, we are now witnessing the fiction becoming reality.

Today cities are covering themselves with all kinds of “sensors” and “detectors”. And the concept for a city to use information and communication technologies (ICT) to manage its infrastructure is getting popular among urban developers.

What a city wants from a security system

  • Comprehensive protectio
    Cities want to protect residents in these places:

    1) public areas,

    2) building & complexes, and

    3) public transportation systems

  • A powerful centralized management platformThese are the musts:1) Capability to control a myriad of cameras,2) Uninterrupted video recording for at least 1 to 6 months

    3) Excellent video recording at high speed

    4) 5 to 10 times bigger storage than average enterprise products

    5) Powerful alarm & video retrieval

    6) Integration with 3rd-party systems.

How GVD meets city security challenges

  • Total Solution
  • Control Center
  • Flexible and Scalable
  • Management Software
  • Videowall