Falcon Human Recognition System

KEDACOM FALCON Human Recognition System is a software capable to seize human live images of head-shoulder, entire body separately, and build up an object related database. The system recognizes human faces at real-time, tells sex gender, age range and even ethnic groups, and distinguishes colors and textures of people’ s wearing. It also provides historical search about certain people and faces. The system can be applied to human flow control mainly on major roads, public crowded area in air and sea ports, transport interchanges where human-filtering request is strictly imposed by public security.



Falcon Human Recognition System

  • High-performance, High-capacity
    • Supports up to 500,000 cameras in one system
    • Supports up to 10,000,000 Face / Human Detection Comparison Library
    • Real-time multiple face matching, matching speed low to 2s
    • Up to 98% face recognition accuracy
    • Deep Analysis
    • Supports deep learning algorithm
    • Supports human attributes analysis
    • Good Compatibility
    • Supports different types of camera: Kedacom human recognitive camera, Kedacom standard IP camera, Third-party IP camera
  • Abundant Functions and Features
    • Three types of snapshot: face, head and shoulder, person
    • Supports recognizing and capturing the human side and back picture
    • Supports searching picture by picture or attributes


Specification Document

Falcon Specification Document