Banking and Retail

Banks and retail are both business relying on many locations to operate. They both need a legion of cameras to protect their property. And they both use electronic devices to collect money/payment, issue receipts and so on.

Better IP video surveillance for banking

Banks have been looking for a better solution of IP video surveillance because they have a variety of facilities to protect, such as branch offices, ATMs, corporate buildings, cash depots and so on. So they demand the highest level of security.

It is often the case that no IT personnel is available in a branch office. IT professionals usually work at the HQ offices hundreds of miles away. They search and retrieve video from a branch in question, monitor system health, manage system parameters and update software remotely as required without leaving the headquarters. Therefore a branch office requires an NVR that is reliable and robust in providing 24 x 7 service and efficient in video retrieval. It is better if the NVR can monitor system health such as system heat or potential hard disk failure.

A competent video system for banks should include:
  • Robust & powerful branch NVRs
  • Supporting a very great number of HD/megapixel cameras
  • Headquarters control center
  •  Videowall
  • Mobile NVRs
  • Full integration with ATMs
  • Integration with 3rd-party systems
  • Remote-access clients
  • Powerful Alarm Management

A powerful solution for retail

Retail industry loses billions of dollars per year to employee theft and shoplifting, and the number hadn’t included credit card fraud and robbery yet. Hence applying the right security solution to your retail environment is important. GVD has a variety of products ranging from large-scale central monitor to capable standalones to answer every security needs on retail floors. GVD not just protects your property but helps your business grow.

As it is often the case that no IT staff is available at a chain store, the NVR for a chain store must be robust and healthy for 24 x 7 service. It should have rich hardware redundancy to ensure non-stop service in unexpected situations and better with “self-recovery” to a user-mistake or an interrupt by its environment.

A competent video system for a retail chain should include:
  • Robust & powerful branch NVRs
  • Supporting a large number of HD/megapixel cameras
  • Headquarters control center
  • Full integration with POS
  • Integration with 3rd-party systems
  • Videowall
  • Powerful alarm management
  • Remote-access clients

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