Intelligent Tracking System 2.0

It is made up of one box camera which gives an overview of the whole scene and recognize moving objects in the scene, it is able to monitor up to 10000 square meter open area. speed dome automatically track each moving object in the scene and generates close up. It is fully automated to constantly move from one target to another and take snapshots, so that administrator can have a full control of the situation. It is more efficient.


IPC2855-Fi5N & IPC445-i033-N

Intelligent Tracking System 2.0

    • 1 bullet camera for panoramic view mode and to locate targets
    • Up to 3 PTZ cameras to track and zoom-in on individual targets
    • Camera built-in tracking algorithm
    • PTZ track for large open space
    • High accuracy multi target tracking
    • High security virtual fencing zone
    • Up to 60 moving targets
    • Up to 10000 M² coverage
    • High-speed target switching
    • Target capturing and characters recognizing
    • SDK support


Specification Document

Intelligent Tracking System Specification Document